Our Commitment to You

1. If your glass cracks or breaks for Any reason, we will replace it at no charge to you.
2. If you get seal failure (condensation between the glass) we will replace it at no charge to you.
3. If any lock or mechanism fails to operate according to manufacturer’s specifications, we will replace or repair it at no charge to you.
4. If our caulking ever cracks or separates, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you.
5. If we do not respond to a repair request within 24 business hours of receiving it, we will issue a cheque to you for $100.
6. Fortress Exclusive Lifetime Warranty is all inclusive to the original purchaser for parts and labour and any installation deficiency, for as long as you live in and own your home (excluding screens , door sweeps and handle/deadbolts)
7. We will always install your windows and doors implementing the highest industry standards by our trained experienced professionals.
8. Your experience with Fortress Windows and Doors will be pleasant, respectful and fair.
Fortress Windows and Doors Inc is an authorized dealer for Weather Seal, the manufacturer. Weather Seal uses parts that are manufactured in North America and have been in business here in North York for 27 years. All windows from Weather Seal are CSA Certified, Energy Star and typically have LoE 272, Argon gas and Neat self cleaning glass.

Our Installation crews are overseen by Steve McCue who has installed windows and doors for over 30 years and is a true master craftsman. This quality control assures you that your job will be performed at the highest standards!

All windows come with two warranties. You have the Fortress Exclusive Lifetime Warranty as outlined above and you also have the manufacturer’s warranty from Weather Seal which is transferable if you ever chose to sell your home. www.weatherseal.ca/warranty for transferable warranty.

We appreciate your business and look forward to creating a more comfortable and energy efficient home for you and your family!your family!your family!

Kind Regards,
Steve Mercer, Steve McCue and the Fortress Team.

Why Choose Fortress Windows and Doors Inc?

• We have won the prestigious “Best of Homestars” award consistently since 2014
• We have the absolute best warranty and service record in the industry
• Weather Seal uses only North American made parts in our windows
• We use stainless steel hinges on our windows
• We use LoE 272 with Neat glass on our windows at no extra charge
• We have top quality installers and pay them the best rates in the industry to ensure that your window installation is done professionally.
• The spacer between the two pieces of glass is called a Super Spacer Premium Plus which will reduce the condensation on the inside of your home by 25% over metal spacers that are typically used by many manufacturers. (Metal spacers are called Double Warm Edges Spacers or XL Spacers so look for these tell-tale names in brochures.)
• We have our business licence; 5 million dollars liability insurance and all installers are covered with WSIB insurance. If you hire a company that does not have WSIB coverage and they hurt themselves while working at your home, they can sue the owner of the home and they will win in court.
• Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau – no complaints!

Your Responsibilities

1. Clients are required to remove and re-install all window coverings. We do provide this service at a reasonable fee of $35 per window. We cannot guarantee in all cases that your existing window coverings will fit inside the new window frames.
2. Client is responsible to clear an area of approximately three feet around work zones so that the workers can install the windows properly and safely.
3. Clients must inform their security company that new windows are being installed and that the alarm company is required to re-establish connections so that the home alarm system works properly. We will leave existing wires exposed for the security company. In no case will Fortress Windows and Doors re-establish security system connections because of liability concerns if the alarm system does not work properly. Let professionals do the work that they are trained and insured to do.